ATTN: Producers/Artists/Bloggers

I am planning our next sampler, this one is going to be another special situation…. It will be featuring and focused on young new producers who are trying to get their name out. “FRESH BEAT VOL.1” will hopefully contain some of the freshest new talent poking around in 2013.

There will be extensive digging and approval related to this release, but I am encouraging everyone to spread the word. This is an opportunity for the new guy, the person who doesn’t have more than one beat tape on their bandcamp, or no website at all! This is for the guys who are just finding their feet in our deep pool called music life.

I get countless submissions from artists and producers that I feel are not of a quality to release properly, but are so full of promise and room for growth; this release is a way to reach out and encourage these individuals to continue at their craft, and to serve as a reminder that this industry is NOT exclusive or shut it. The beauty of what we do is ANYONE CAN DO IT.

I encourage all producers to put me in touch with any friends they have who might be just starting out, or any sounds you may have heard recently on soundcloud. This also applies to new alias’s used by artists.

Further questions can be submitted and answered via facebook, or send your music submissions to us via email grappafrisbeerecords@gmail.com

“FRESH BEAT VOL.1” will be curated and released digitally.

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