Hey, it’s me.

The label is growing so fast, sometimes it is hard to keep track of every release and everyone and what they’re doing… and with these ol’ legs… you know how it goes, Grandpa.

Not much new here, well. …besides it being the New Year and all, I do have some news, but I can’t release it publicly yet . I know, I know, so mysterious. Everyone rolls their eyes. You will all know in due time, trust ( that is if certain developments happen, Scorpio) Let’s just say life is crazy. One minute you think you know where you are, and the next minute, you get an e-mail that potentially changes your life.. .la beauty of impermanence.

So let’s just hit pause on this moment and reflect on how wonderful these two new releases are. Sit and hit play on that tape deck ya got there. Ay, ay. Pause and take life in slow mo, because we aren’t getting any younger.

Vimana Aircraft (DAP) – GPC008, The North Rim, is a short and joyous trip through acoustic wonderland of uke, SP 202s, Dr 202, and kaossilator. Available in a limited edition tape, and digital download.


All These Fingers – Pause/Redo GFR062 – A master producer, with an edge and love of suspense drizzled in static vibrations. 12 tracks available for digital download.


As always, it is a pleasure to feature such wonderful artists ( a friend of the label, and a returning family member).
We hope that you will enjoy these musical sensations as much as we do.

Love . Peace. Beats. Grandma.

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