Front Cover◊ In a most international way, we approach the new year with our 60th digital release to date. PEDRX LVDRXGV (head fella over @ LaDroga LAB), has constructed one hell of an album. Certainly no newcomer to the game, the Spaniard shows his incredible range of sonic noodling over the course of these 16 tracks, moving almost undercover between LoFi, Garage and Dubstep, Footwork and Future.

This is what our man Pedro had to say about the construction of his album…

“During this LP I’ve used Casio VI-1, Monotrons, Vinyls, chiptunes from my Gameboy, Korg Kp3, recordings from sum’ games, sum’ VST’s and DAW’s, and a lot of hash. Entirely produced and mixed in DaDrugarage” -Pedro LaDroga

This record was dropped simultaniously and in cooperation with LaDroga L.A.B. and PIRA.MD Records.

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