◊ New to GFR is GFA-Music our blog devoted to promotion of not only GFR music but music that we also enjoy outside our circle. GFA-Music is an outlet and a hub for any and all music related to our scene and lifestyle. Featuring talented artists and producers from around the world, we aim to create a feed that will provide a surreal flow of quality tunes, while distinctly keeping with the Grappa flavor.

http://gfa-music.tumblr.com/ which will help feature easy- all-in-one integration between soundcloud, twitter, and possibly facebook for ease of our personal use and maximum exposure for our family.

To be sealed and featured on GFA will come to be known in the music neighborhood as a mark of high standard quality, fresh, and deemed timeless music.

If you are interested in being featured please submit your material to us. We will glance/ listen and respond. Please also take the time to follow us and communicate with us on twitter: @gfalovechild, tumblr, and soundcloud @gfa-music. 

Note: for those who have been following my personal twitter, tumblr, soundcloud accounts, I will be using them less for GFR due to the love child branch. It seems more professional and clean to keep everything in one place and under the same name. My personal accounts will continue to be used for my artist work and expressions outside of GFR, and you are always welcome to communicate with me regardless whether it is regarding business or not. Thank you for your friendship and fellowship. Much love.  ❤ kj

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