NewCoverPlee◊ It was a few months ago, sometime during the hazy midsummer months, I was approached digitally by PLEE! with ideas and sounds. Some of my first exposure being tracks via soundcloud and his EP Plane Charmer, both showed me the tremendous diversity in his sound palette as well as his songwriting abilities.

Over the next few months we exchanged words, eventually settling on the project you see before you now. “Heart Flux” is a purely massive piece of work. Weighing in at 10 tracks (about 35 minutes), and sporting some remixes from extreme Russian talent, this release explores what seems like all corners of electronic music. Combining his skills of beat constructing and sound-shaping, PLEE! is able to cook us a stew with all sorts of flavors. Listening casually you will be delivered some solid Bass Music with very interesting rhythms, but upon deeper listening you begin to uncover bits of Detroit-Style House and retro Acid bangers (listen to that bass!!!). Add a healthy helping of remixes that add a fresh perspective on already solid ideas, and you have one hell of an Album!

At least, this is our opinion. We encourage everyone to listen and develop their own opinion on this incredible producer, and we are pleased to let you know the release is available for FREE via our bandcamp. Please enjoy HEART FLUX by PLEE

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