Promoting the label and getting the word out is a constant struggle and something that occurs on a continual basis for us. As of today we have 1, 331 friends on the GFR personal account, 437 likes on the GFR/GPC page , and 396 followers on twitter.

A personal goal is to reach 500 likes on the GFR/ GPC page by 12/31/12. To help reach this milestone, we are running our first promotional competition with an incentive of a free painting by yours truly (kj) . Whoever refers the most friends to the page (your friends must LIKE the page in order to be counted as a successful referral) will win. This competition is open to all fans, friends of the label, GFR artists, etc with the only exception that you live in the US.

In order to win you will have to out refer- everyone,  email me a list of everyone you have successfully referred by 12/31/12, I will verify and you will receive your custom painting! Good luck everyone. Any questions or concerns can be directed at me via face book, email, etc. Thank you for your participation.

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