(HFPN010) SETTING/CONTEXTOur great friends over at HLF / PIN just keep cranking out the goods! By this time, we have gotten a fantastic taste of this label in our mouths ( -___- ) and we are only excited to hear more! On the 19th they will release a new effort by “Alphabet” titled “A Long Interval”, so we are warming up with the back-catalog!
Right here we want to feature the labels latest release and their 10th digital effort, (HFPN010) Setting-Context, by Cub’b. Keeping with the very atmospheric and ambient vibe the label has so elegantly portrayed, Cub’b manages to infuse some very subtle and wonderful flavors of hip-hop and garage, along with the countless other influences one can hear just by listening to the first few tracks!

This is one solid album, and a highly recommended listen. I am not sure what we are more excited for, this next release from UK netlabel HLF / PIN or some more music from Cub’b! Regardless, let us live in the moment and enjoy this one…

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