Just throwing you all a list of some nice things coming up from peeps we dig, lots of visuals surfacing from the scene. Please enjoy this brief yet inspirational list of dope freshness.

Check out this amazing new video for the track from FACES.CULT, called TALK (produced by the ever-talented XXYYXX) Some serious up-and-coming talent right here you don’t want to sleep on!!

Got a dope video of beatsmith HANDBOOK jammin out and showing us his process of making a tune!

Oneyeorphic – “Saccharine Supreme” (Music Video) from HLF/PIN on Vimeo.

Enjoy this nice relaxing video for the track Saccharine Supreme by Oneyeorphic, put out by our buddys HLF/PIN

Mad-Hop vol.5 (Mad-Love) from Mad-Hop on Vimeo.

Oh and the guys over at MAD HOP have dropped another stellar sampler, check the teaser!

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