Well here we are again; we find ourselves in a dark, dank, throbbing room with flashing lights and potent sweat…. No, we’re not talking homegrown UFC, we’re talking about some fresh new TERRORBALL. For his 4th GFR release (among many other releases!) TB takes us by the hips and forces us into dancing submission via his 4-to-the-floor concoctions. Weaving thru layers of lush synths, pounding drums, and ever-so-slightly campy samples, “You Punks” is a carefully crafted piece of bump that deserves a place in your harddrive and your cars stereo!


released 18 September 2012
All tracks ©2012 Terrorball
soundcloud.com/terrorballBe sure to check out TB’s other GFR releases

Presented by Grappa Frisbee Records
@grappafrisbee on twitter

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