Hello, hello friends. It is the notorious Frisb. Yes, I am very behind on blogging. Be Quiet. I was getting my Royal Pink Typewriter serviced. *cough cough looks around*. 😉 Okay, on to business! I have a bunch of glorious photos for you, which I am going to upload as well as blog about some adventures I have had since my last post.

First things first, I promised you some exclusive GFR photos from CT. See this one above. ^

You can find all of them in my facebook photo album under GFR Adventures 000/ Summer 2012.

I won’t say too much more about my trip as I’ve already blogged about it, but I will say, Fam. I miss you.

Shortly after returning from my east coast fam escapade, I received a telegram in the mail  from two of my grandsons on the watch-list, YahnLookePicard and Ackryte, asking if I would join them for a party they were hosting in downtown Minneapolis. I jumped at the opportunity to be with family, of course!

I loaded up my handy dandy camera, moleskine notebook,  and my friend Tom (the handy dandy GPS machine).

Tom directed me quite nicely, though as soon as we were in the heart of downtown he started becoming flustered due to skyscraper interference. Poor Tom. Luckily, Grandma has killer instinct when it comes to direction, and she can sniff out her relatives within 50 square miles. Grandma is part blood hound, part woman wildabeast.

Minneapolis is a fine town. I can’t say too much about it as I’ve never lived there, but it’s a great scene for music.

(Cold as fuck in the winter.)

I arrived at Gamut Gallery before the show even began and got the low-down about the guerrilla academy they were running called Slam Academy from two current students.

‘I gravitated to this place because it’s about the music, not making money.’

I anticipated the arrival of my grandsons, the infamous beast Ackryte, and the mysterious yahnlookpicard.

^Nearby building, not gallery.^


JJ arrived first and gave Grandma a hug. Known quite well for his splashing in the underground, Ackryte was the first performer of the evening. JJ has some big things happening in the near future, an upcoming tape release with Future Science, and a wax release on Huh What and Where happening sometime this fall.

^Solve for X- Ackryte-Future Science^

When asked how his scientific background influences his music production he replied,

” Being a scientist makes me a terrible producer, and being a producer makes me a terrible scientist.”

There simply is no merging of the two. Music is his creative outlet. Science is his profession.

John who arrived later in the evening is a stout, dark haired, and long eye lashed man. He didn’t perform that night, but I spoke with him about his greatest influences and his musical background. When asked how long he’s been making music, he replied. “Forever. I started off with guitar, and just smoked a bunch of weed in highschool.” His inspirations include; life events, emotions, the world. John remarked that he loves performing, but that the music he creates is for himself. He finds it hard to focus on one project or genre. Most of the music he creates, he doesn’t release. He currently works with an APC-40, and Ableton Live.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Joey Larson, known as WriteGroove. Joey, the second performer of the evening is one of the few quick change artists out there. He’s been rapping for 6 years and making music for about 10 years- badly for most of it, he replies and chuckles. He currently collaborates with his friend James.

^WriteGroove performing/long exposure^

It is hard to see, at least for Grandma, how someone like Joey Larson could ever produce “bad music”. With the broad range of skills he has in his back pocket, he is undeniably a force to be reckoned with, and deserves a watchful eye.The last act of the night MKR, is a current student of Slam Academy and is labeled by his peers as “the ableton wizard” known for his techno production. I didn’t have the opportunity to speak with him too extensively, however, glance at these cool long exposures that resulted from the evening.

(^ Visuals of the Evening ^)

Hope you enjoyed reading about my adventures! If you are interested in any of these producers, or would like to know more about Slam Sessions, you can email me at kjgfr@ymail.com, or find me on facebook.

◊ Love, peace, beats. ◊

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