Ah, here’s Frisbee on the typewriter. So we got a lot of things popping at GFR this week. And actually so much coming your way, too, in the future. We’re actually so busy whirling through the air that we hardly get the chance to think straight, or even, eh update our blog on a regular basis. Heh heh.Please forgive us! Things just happen so fast in this arcade.

First things first, check out our three latest releases, two from new family members Joel Smith (aka Soulstarr) and Christopher Brett (aka Brooches)  then once you’ve downloaded these newbies, check our 50th release by brother Mica ( Nimo Productions/ previously known as Nite Moves). For those who have been with us awhile, you’ll recognize this is his 3rd discography with us. I must say, that this new release has a true polish and flair to it. Mica, you do well for yourself, please keep continuing to make beautiful music for our ears. And to Joel and Christopher, a warm welcome to the fam.

Second, the Grappa Frisbee Records Crew will be providing sonic excellence and artistic flair at the 2nd Annual Hammered and Nailed  exhibit in Hartford, CT this Saturday 6-9 PM. The address is 555 Asylum Street, and as far as I am informed the event is FREE. If you are planning on drinking alcoholic beverages (which is a given if you are legal, please have your ID and a designated driver/holler at the Frisb). We want everyone to have a great and safe time. We are so honored and grateful to be able to perform this event. Thank you, Joe Bun Keo and Ashleigh Kay for your continued support of our label and our artists! (This is also exciting for Frisbee as it is her first time exhibiting art outside of the midwest.)

Thirdly, the highly anticipated first Grappa Fest 2012 is set for Sunday, July 8th from 2PM- whenever. (Which for Frisbee is likely Midnight as she then turns into a pumpkin. Embarrassing, but true story.) Music should go till 9 or 10 PM my friends. On theline up, Ohsaurus, Odd Logic, Wrex Mason and Enchanter Down with special guests BFSP, and other yet to be announced acts. All beatmakers with impressive knowledge and glorious production abilities performing live. Other activities include drinking and grilling and being in a state of “golden”.  Which I’m not truly knowledgeable of, but willing to give it a go.
Fest 2012 will be held at our top secret headquarters and by invitation only. We are keeping this festival small and exclusive. Not to be selective and mean, but to be practical to our current situation. This is a time for our family to be together and not a free-for-all. Thank you and respect our means.

Lastly, I have to confirm the rumours are true: I’m having a baby. Yep. Actually, no… I’m coming to CT for the first time to be with the GFR family. Now, this for some is old news, but for others this may seem befuddling. How do I not live in CT? Well , I don’t. In fact, I live and operate in Minnesota.  If you read our “About Us” section you will notice that Chris is not my next door neighbor. We operate online, and perhaps this will allow you to have a some sympathy and understanding towards our operations in the future and hopefully less confusion. I am very excited to meet and provide support in person to you all this coming week. The Grappa Frisbee family has brought me much unexpected happiness and much needed support these last 9 months, and I am always happy to reciprocate.

Let the adventures begin. Love, Frisb.

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