Golly, look at this! Our 3rd GPC out today! Friends I must confess, I’ve been sitting on this Es-k for awhile and squirming about how wonderful this producer is and having to keep him quiet. He has an impressive catalog of beats stacked and a stunning crew of MCs at his whim. As a dj, I love to dig and when I find something good, it’s extra hard for me to keep quiet and not shout about how wonderful beats are.

Naturally, I was a little cautious approaching Chris, (as Chris has been in this game a lot longer than I have), and  the majority of our releases are submissions. And here I had actively asked this producer if he was interested in working with us and HE SAID YES. ( Thank you, Chris for trusting me on this one.) Sure I’m new to this label thing, and if you are a label operator you may be thinking “,aw, that’s cute you little rookie, your first baby. “

But this is a BIG DEAL, it is my first baby being born!!! Ya dig?!

I’m stoked to let this little secret out of the box. Also grateful that I am enabled to promote my best friend and fellow artist Danielle Burren who did the album cover. It’s a beaut, right?

It’s always a pleasure to help someone you’re close to grow.

Grappa Frisbee is all about promoting artists we are excited about, helping them grow, and getting them the exposure they deserve. Any money thrown our in our direction goes to help sustain our bandcamp and physical cassette output. Yes, you heard that right. We aren’t doing this for the money, we are doing it because we fucking love bringing good music into your speakers and into your ears.

So be a part of the movement! Buy a limited edition tape, support an artist. Hip Hop is not dead. It’s alive! And these loops are sure to resurrect your soul and inspire you to eat your fruit loops. Or something grand, guaranteed.

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