Ah, where to begin? Let’s see here! GFR 044 – Fuse by Kinnel is now available!

Due to some alien telecommunication interference between the Russian producer and our forces here at Grappa headquarters we had a bit of confusion as to the exact details on this release the first time around. However, after arming ourselves with aluminum tin foil caps and metal bowls we worked something out with our Russian friend to correctly bring you the release we have now! Those tricky aliens, you never known when they will strike!

Our apologies to Mr. Nosov for any inconvenience and trauma we may have induced and would like to thank him for the patience in working with us!

Fuse (previously released as Show Me Your Smile) has a charm that we instantly relate to! As we all know, communicating via inter webs has it’s own set of challenges , just as communicating in real life does! Even within the label we have own set of physical and emotional barriers between Chris and I. I often being the hot fuse to his fire hose. ( Poor and most fortunate dude, that’s what you get when you work with us redheads! Spitting passionate beings of FIRE! ) Luckily water has a way of balancing us out elementally, as we are constantly humbled by each other, the amazing music we can offer to you all, as well as the lovely fans and family that trust us not to let our differences come between us!

Fuse seems to explore and mirror this paradoxical pull of independence and dependence, the fury of fire and the cooling of water. For neither one element can really exist without the other. We’ve got the stubborn melancholic introspection murmurings of  ” Summer Kills” and “Best I Ever Had”, and “Don’t Think  I Can Take It”  paired with the happy optimistic synth pops of ” Show Me Your Smile” , “Tonight” and “Iridescent” that promise that all struggling seems to be worth it when two forces merge and combine! Lovely cover art by Anna Udalova features an explosion of two dynamics that is equally fitting and exemplified by this emotional release!

Enjoy the free download below!

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