David Jones has done it again, my friends, with his release Dharma now available for FREE download on DatPiff.com sure to enlighten and inspire you. Following up his last Grappa Frisbee release Fuck LoveDharma is a return of optimism, confidence, and resilience!

Featuring such family producers, K-Lash in “Imagination”. Dharma packs a punch, with hopeful messages and a list of talented producers. In “Right Here,” (produced by: Retral and my personal favorite along with “You Are”) Jones reassures the listener, he’s not going anywhere. Hip Hop is the one love he has committed to; saluting A Tribe Called Quest ” Butter” in “Butta” and classical 90 ‘s hip hop in “Making Moves.”

This mixtape is nothing to be trifled with featuring such cats as Black Mack, and Clear Blue, sure to put the bounce back in your step. New seasons, and “New Chapters” have brought us new things to believe in, yet bundled and packaged from the very same Jones, we’re proud of.

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