Picture this: A fine sunny day in Wisconsin. As I am strolling down the street casually wearing my wedding dress a very strange thing occurs. Lettuce starts falling from the sky.

Then tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, followed by grated cheese and dressing.

I find my wedding tress has been somehow… soaked with salad… or it seems that perhaps, this is what is occurring inside my earplugs.

The reality is, I am not wearing a wedding dress and salad is far from falling from the sky. However this audio pleasure is a wonder that you don’t have to be a vegetable to marvel at. And is unlike any of our releases to date.

A few weeks ago, Owen approached me asking if we could release this gem for you all for FREE. However, unlike many of our submissions and artists, this release was first a physical cassette on I Had and Accident Records before making it’s way to us. With the support of Julia and Justin (the fine people at IHAAP), we were allowed to re-release this tossed audio excellence and throw in a new Ohsaurus remix to make it a truly special deluxe.

I think you will agree that this is a crispy assortment of experimental beats sure to nourish and replenish your body, and perhaps worthy of ruining a wedding dress over.

Hey, you only wear the thing once anyway… as this GFR043 can be worn many a time!

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