◊ We cannot begin to describe how pleased we are to present this release with you. Over a year and a half in the making, and it is finally here. It has arrived….

THE FRESHNESS VOL. 1 marks a historic chapter for GFR, and for Brian King James himself. This is his first mixtape release, though it looks, feels, and sounds like a sophomoric effort at least! However this is not true, this is the true debut! Featuring production by Grappa Frisbee founder “Ohsaurus” , mixing and engineering by fellow Free-Faller “Babble-On” , and INSANE design work by Drew McCarver Creative.

“The Freshness” brings us on a journey though the mind of BKJ, dealing with lifes problems over the course of 16 splendid tracks. We got some crazy collaborations on here too, “Bright Night” featuring DJ Highlife (of CT dubstep fame) and Zack Bowler (of Reel Talk Films) is a pulsing club banger with enough energy to power a small town. Along with powerful solo tracks such as “Taylor Swift”, “Paint it for You”, and of course, “The Flight”.

You can download the mixtape for free now via our bandcamp, or get the VIP treatment over @ BrianKingJames.com

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