Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Grappa!

We understand that Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a trip if you don’t have that special hand to hold, however , don’t let that get you down as Grappa has enough love to fill your mind, body, and soul!

 Yes! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, it is for love of all shapes, sizes, colors, and kinds.

Our greatest love is music and we feel quite fortunate that we can share and embrace that love with all of you, not with one release, but, with two!

Without further adieu, an honest exploration of emotional trials by Jetpack Jones (California) as he struggles to juggle his musical career and his dissolving relationship in “Fuck Love”,

This EP is real and beyond what you’ve heard before. Emotionally fueled and raw, you will be left touched by his soulful lyrics and heartbreaking melodies.

(◊ Note: click photos to reach corresponding bandcamp page ◊)

Secondly, a highly awaited sequel release, Flashlights: Part 2 from Malefique (Russia)

will have you twirling, whirling and forgetting any sorrows, that our last release might have on you!

Such tracks as Long Way HomeMusic in the Night, and Love is Here will likely warm your heart and help restore your beliefs and hopes regarding love. (Special artwork cover by Aaron Marilaf.)

Always remember,  it is your attitude that shapes your world and becomes your reality.

Keep your eyes peeled today for other Grappa affiliated artists releasing their own special Valentine themed beats.

We sincerely wish you a Happy Holiday, from our hearts to yours.

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