◊ Grappa Frisbee Records would like to proudly announce our newest affiliate, BREAKBIT MUSIC. A netlabel specializing in truly amazing and unique electronic music. I have spent my morning combing thru their extensive catalog (all available to listen/download right on the website! Wow points!) and I have found a few releases that REALLY stand out to me.

Metrosound – Rhodes

This is a dusty sonofab*tch, 11 tracks from the space gutter of chopped horns and samples, laced with only the most interesting sounds and supreme beats. Released last month, this is an excellent start to 2012, I can literally feel the excitement in the music. Anyone who’s got a good taste for quality music, not entirely like anything i’ve heard before, should enjoy this release.

Max Gall – Dust for the Soul

If that last one wasn’t, this really is one DUSTY MOTHA. 8 beautiful tracks, filled with cracks and pops, beautifully sampled bits and perfect swinging beats. Vocal samples and the drums bring me the feeling of GFR artist All These Fingers, which is a good thing! I am a huge fan of this release already, especially the track “MAKE LOVE”. Once again, this comes HIGHLY recommended.

Be sure to keep an eye on BREAKBIT MUSIC for an ever growing database of distinct tunes. Big ups fellas!

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