◊ As another year ends, a new one begins for our family here at Grappa.We’d like to thank you for supporting us and our artists. May 2012 bring us many new and exciting adventures we’ve yet to dream of as we reflect and celebrate in each others’ successes of 2011!

Speaking of unraveling the great mysterious of the universe, I’d like to alert you to some hot releases that you should grab today and tomorrow in the spirit of welcoming the new year!

Michael Myerz Schwartz is a self proclaimed “white kid from the suburbs” and his raw hip hop lyrics will have you wishing you were Jewish. Download his latest album Nightmare on Rosedale , and uncover why this big mouth is giving us much to talk about.

Christopher Hoffman, father of Grappa is releasing his newest collection of intergalactic space intelligence tomorrow, Jan 1st with Sun Up Records. Discover  Where to Go When Home is Gone. 

And in a final tribute to 2011, check out Charlie’s festive beat, Farewell.

To us here at Grappa, to you, Happy New Year. ◊

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