◊ What a pleasure it is for me to announce that Grappa Frisbee will be presenting Malefique’s newest beat tape on Jan 3rd, as our first release of 2012!!!

I, a long time number one fan of his hip hop ballads, am uber excited! And you should be too! His last release with us Funkazmagoria (GFR023) was so delicious I threw a couple dollas at it ( this was before I worked with Chris, so little did I know that it would go to him and that he would spend it on noodles -____-, just kidding all, he used it for those nice GPCs!!!)  But the point I’m trying to make is; this release is highly anticipated, worth your hard earned dollas) if you shall choose to donate them (our releases are always available for FREE), and luxurious free time .

Let’s welcome 2012 Russian style, keep those Wheels a-turning, pass me that vodka, and don’t forget to say Hiiii !

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