We invite you to join us in celebrating, a very unique Grappa Frisbee event,


Broadcasting live from Milwaukee, WI from 6-9PM U.S. Central time,CLICK HERE ◊ Kj will be showcasing her completed Senior Project Installation at Arts Tech Night, a night of interactive and technology based art.  We welcome you to tune in and witness the experience, wherever you may be located, on ustream.tv.

About the Work:

‘Beyond is a 45 minute transcendence thought process, an internalization of existence and consciousness. It is an exploration of time, wonder, distance, fantasy, reality, presence, and absence of the soul.

Made completely of reflective and translucent materials, it is an environment of introspection and reflection of one’s self.  Each color, exhibits a thought, subtly evolving and navigating the viewer’s explorations of the space. As our internal perspectives soon mirror our external reality.

The longer we spend in introspection, the more we realize ourselves, yet as our minds wander further and further away from our physical bodies, the more we enter the possibilities of the beyond.

“When I was creating this work, I was thinking very much about the future. About what I could do or where I could be after graduation. As I was thinking, I became aware that my body was present in one space, but that my mind was elsewhere.

I became fascinated with this idea of transcendence of how our imagination projects us,  and how our perception of the world soon reflects our own realities.  So much of this work is about reflection and introspection. Realizing that distance, and human limitations are insignificant to the powers of our own minds, souls, and dreams.

When the shadows are casted on the wall, it is a reminder that we are still contained by our bodies. That we exist in our own personal micro cosmos, but are connected by what lies beyond us,  our larger cosmos.”

That’s why I want to share this experience with my family at Grappa, because we are connected, though we are separated by miles, rivers, oceans, mountains, and time zones. To remind and inspire everyone that we each have so much power in our possibilities.

See you tonight.

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