Balls to ‘seizing the day’. That’s for relentless over-achievers to do. Let’s imagine the day, lie supine in wistful thought, declare “the muse has alighted ‘pon my soul” and give in to the wondrous capacity for creative thought. These ten personally selected tracks capture some of the amazing brain-splat that Fwonk* artists can achieve. Enjoy these tunes, follow the links and grab some more brain food

This is Fwonk*, a Netlabel of excellence indeed. Very good friends of the Grappa, these fellas have been churning out free releases far longer than us! They have a keen taste for abstract electronics and music that pushes the envelope.

You can find Grappa Artist ‘Ohsaurus’ on track 4, other personal favorites include Imploded View – First One Home and  Bachelor Machines – Tektite

Explore the whole catalog here  ◊◊◊ Grappa Approved ◊◊◊

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