◊Grappa Frisbee Records is proud to present 18 tracks from Languid, bringin the Abstraction to you fresh as only he can. OUR 20th RELEASE! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE◊

1.Shona Tribe’s Jazz Dance
2.Washing Masheene
3.Mmm That New Car Sound
4.I Play Way Too Much Tetris
5.Rudolph Plays A Banger For Santa
6.Ninja Chasers (Interlude)
7.Languid’s Gremlins
8.Merry Cwismass
9.Supa Dupa Fly
10.Anti Flem Police
11.Petals (Interlude)
12.Backward Sprinting
13.Apollo 15
14.Jazzy Smoke
15.I Dance Like Napolean Dynamite
16.Japanese Green Tea
17.Thinking About Leaving
18.The Languid Monk Lies/Rests On Pillow

◊This release also marks the beginning of a new trend in our artwork. If you can’t tell from looking, we’re switching it up a bit. Peep the brains @ http://thinkorsmile.com


2 thoughts on “◊ (GFR020) Sounds From My Habitat, by Languid ◊

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