◊Super Grandpa awoke one day, and realized he needed a disc that contained everything anyone would ever need to listen to. Thus, he set of on a quest to find the tastiest “out-of-the-box” sounds he could find. Now, Grappa presents to you the fruits of his Labor. This is Grappapproved.◊

Impossible Nothing – Vitamin C
Tekst – Parallel Funk
Handbook – Psalm 101
Languid – Juice Drink
All These Fingers – Rula Fuzzcybin
Choongum – Mental Hospital
Lockbox – Kota Kinabalu
Smojphace – 4takeya
Oh J. – Antibacterial Fantasy
Weirddough – Thanksfortheinvite
H∆bits – Purgin
Peter J. – Friends Of The Movement
Impossible Nothing – Chi Shots
Ops Esponja – The Rise
Oudies – Pianothoughts
Elekseveneks – Solmntn
DUSTOVEN – The Year of Wine
YahnLOOKEPickard – Qwatroo
2nd MOUSE – Tranquil Eye (reloaF mix)
©rosses †oo ßig – Albert
ProfLogik – Lost Frequency
The Groob – Only High-Quality
Ohsaurus – Frozen Dreammea
Old Gold – Terra Firma
mfmadness – Something About Us*
Two Hawkes – School House Horror

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